Crypto Coins Exchange

By the integrated API Shapeshift support 111 tickers. 56 tickers still not linked with any of existing coins. The table below contains a list of exchange tickers, linked with known coins. Use the table links to get coin info page

List of Shapeshift( trading tickers
Coin Ticker Pairs
ArchCoin ARCH 0
BitCrystal BCY 0
BlackCoin BLK 68
BitCoin BTC 68
BitCoinDark BTCD 0
BitShares BTS 0
ClamCoin (CLAMS) CLAM 0
Dash (former DarkCoin) DASH 68
DigiByte DGB 68
DogeCoin DOGE 68
Dash (former DarkCoin) DASH 0
EmergencyCoin EMC 0
Ethereum Classic ECS 68
Ethereum ETH 68
FlorinCoin FLO 0
FeatherCoin FTC 0
Gnosis GNS 0
Hyper HYPER 0
InfiniteCoin IFC 0
I/OCoin IOC 0
LiteCoin LTC 68
MaidSafeCoin MAIDSAFE 0
MintCoin MINT 0
MonaCoin MONA 0
MasterCoin MSC 0
NAV Coin NAV 0
NuBits NBT 0
NeosCoin NEOS 0
NameCoin NMC 0
NovaCoin NVC 0
Nxt NXT 0
Opal OPAL 0
PotCoin POT 0
PeerCoin (PPCoin) PPC 0
Quark QRK 0
ReddCoin RDD 68
ShadowCash SDC 0
Storjcoin X SJCX 0
StartCoin START 0
Stellar STELLAR 0
SwarmCoin SWARM 0
Positron Coin TRON 0
Unobtanium UNO 0
Tether USDT 0
ViaCoin VIA 0
VeriCoin VRC 0
VertCoin VTC 0
Sapience XAI 0
CounterParty XCP 0
Monero XMR 68
Primecoin XPM 0
Ripple XRP 68
Zcash ZEC 68

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